Titan Petrochemicals Group Limited (“Titan”) is a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“Stock Exchange”) (stock code: 1192), with its headquarter in Hong Kong, China and sets branches in major shipping centers of Asia Pacific region, i.e. Singapore and Shanghai, China. Titan has the largest multi-functional shipyard in the Asia Pacific region – Quanzhou Shipyard, and owned 46% equity interest of Zhoushan Yatai Shipyard.

The Company is reactivating ship repair and shipbuilding business, commodity trading business of oil, petrochemical and related products as well as continuing to strengthen its layout along the industrial chain. By virtue of the strong financing capacity of listed company and the professional management team, we are actively looking for high quality projects both domestic and international, and vigorously expanding our enterprise territory.

We are committed to tailor Titan into a company that covers the whole industry chain including construction, conversion and maintenance of offshore platforms, shipbuilding and ship repairing, transportation, warehousing, processing and trading. With the continuous deepening of the strategy of “One Belt One Road” between China and the regional countries, the implementation of the “China-made 2025” and “13th Five-Year Plan” and the progressive enforcement of the new standards for shipbuilding and environmental protection and the new regulations by the International Maritime Organization, we believe, the Company is embracing a significant opportunity for repairing and shipbuilding business as well as overseas mergers and acquisitions.